Who Are We? What Do We Do?


Who are we?

Before we get onto who we are, here’s a definition of ‘Rebuilding’ (while much is already conveyed in the word itself!):

To build or repair or remake something that has been damaged or destroyed or has become weak.

The ‘Rebuilders’ is a group of young and passionate people of God from different churches/denominations, trying to rebuild the broken Temple of Worship.  It is our desire to see a generation who would rebuild their lives in accordance to the Word of God, and led by the Holy Spirit.

We believe we are nothing, but a selfless generation obeying the will of God, and working together, regardless of any banner, to build/rebuild the Body of Christ – the Church. In essence, we are a multi-denominational group of young men and women whose aim is to populate heaven and raid hell!

What we do?

The one Word that God has led us into is Zechariah 4: 9, 10

Zerubbabel is the one who laid the foundation of this Temple, and he will complete it. Then you will know that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has sent me. Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.

We strongly believe we have been handed the ‘Plumb Line’ where in God expects us to rebuild the lives of a lot of people who are broken and lost!

  1. Inspect & Investigate the Problem areas – We help/counsel folks to investigate the root causes behind their Spiritual Fall.
  2. Make repairs – Help the people to make appropriate repairs in their life by pricking away all that is not from God, and replacing it with Godly Attributes.
  3. Remodel the Architecture – We help them to identify God’s BEST Plan & purpose for their Lives.
  4. Build – Build the Lives on Biblical Doctrines and by the Spirit.
  5. Provide protection – Helping them to maintain a Lifestyle of Praise & Worship, by regular Fellowships & interactions.
  6. Conquer the Enemy’s Frontiers – Break down the walls of the enemy, raid their territories and conquer their frontiers to take back everything that they have stolen from our youngsters.

Please remember, we are NOT an organization, but a movement led by the Spirit of God. For more details on how exactly we go about doing that, please visit our Events page.

Do go through this link to read the Story of our Logo.

Rebuilders Leadership Team

Pr. Jemy Jacob, Bro. Prince Scaria, Bro. Sam Skaria, Evg. Blessen Varghese, Bro. Binoy Thomas, Bro. Titus Varghese, Bro. Pristin Mathew and Bro. Phil (Wesley) Sam

Squad Ekklesia 2019

Bro. Aby Philip (co-head), Sis. Hephzibah Raju (co-head), Ann Philip, Jibbin Mathew, Pradish Nair, Jins Varghese, Phebin Mathew, Renjith Raju, Sachin Kolhe, Nirmal Krishnankutty, Biju Thomas, Nibu Sasikumar, Jinson Shaji, Merlin George, Omkar Tandel, Blesson Abraham and Sharon David

Advisory Team

Bro. Sylvester Allapat, Pr. Joel James, Pr. Priji Varghese and Pr. Ligin Abraham

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