A Young Christian’s attitude towards Ministry (You vs You 4.0)

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A Young Christian’s attitude towards Ministry (You vs You 4.0)

Last week, we focussed on a Christian’s attitude towards Business – a topic that was discussed during You vs You 4.0. Continuing with that series, this blog focuses on a Young Christian’s attitude towards Ministry. The panellist who took on the questions was Pr. Jemy Jacob, IT Head, Invision Group of Companies. Pr. Jemy has also pioneered a church in Ghatkopar, which he currently pastors.

Prince: Jemy, you head the IT department for almost 3 companies at Invision Group and we being working in the same office, I see you work almost 9-10 hours daily. At the same time, you also pastor a church. With so much work-pressure, most of us are not able to devote as much time to God, let alone ministry! But you manage to guide an entire church to love God. Pastoring a church is not a joke and it requires a lot of time and commitment. So my first obvious question is: how do you manage and balance work and ministry. Can you give us some tips and pointers from your experience?

Jemy: True, this was a situation that I had to face as the Lord placed the role of church ministry in my life. What I learnt and would like to share is to discipline your life to handle commitments. I would like to share something about time management that I learnt in a class during the Student Leaders’ camp in Panvel a few years back. There is nothing called as ‘Time management,’ as we are not given different quantities of time nor can we alter time to manage it. Rather ‘time management’ is actually all about managing ourselves with the given amount of time, which is equal to all individuals. So, coming back, it’s not just about a pastor, but for every believer, it is important to discipline your life in such a way that you find enough time to fulfil the burden, be it a church ministry or any type of work/vision/burden that God has placed in our hearts. In my life, I had to discipline my prayer time, devotion time, seeking time and message preparation time in addition to handling the work pressures that I am involved in. So, for those struggling in this area, its heads up for you, start disciplining yourselves.


Prince: Secondly, being a youth believer and then a youth leader to many and now a young Pastor, you have seen and analyzed youngsters of this generation. What according to you are some of the good aspects and also some disturbing aspects of today’s young generation and their ministry?

Jemy: Well, there are many aspects, and I would like to highlight some of them. A very exciting thing about our current generation is that this generation is seeing a very powerful move of God – be it in our locality or somewhere else. God is upto something really big and powerful. There was a generation which did not appreciate or encourage union of believers or young people from different churches or denominations. They were quite competitive in accumulating people for ‘their’ kingdoms (denominations). But the very presence of young people in this meeting from various churches and denominations and worshipping the Lord with one mind and also sharing ideas in a single fellowship portrays the essence of God’s work in our generation. On the other side, the current generation also faces two important issues which I believe can affect the work of God.

Firstly, it is about the youths limiting the Lord’s work and thereby limiting themselves to just leading worship in the church or managing an event or maybe being self-sufficient with the church that he/she is involved or pasturing!

Secondly, it is about broken relationships in the life of a believer, be it marital or parental or secular or friendship. I believe a child of God can live an exemplary life in the matter of relationships which marks the mending of the upward and onward relationship of man through the cross. But the current generation seems to have failed in this aspect too.

Prince: To take your point ahead, apart from the good aspects, you have mentioned some interesting problems and areas of concern that current young generation face. Could you give us some solutions in tackling these problems? Or tell us ‘The need of the hour’ for the current young ones?

Jemy: Let me again put this out in three points. Firstly, and very importantly, we need to look for spiritual mentors and role models in the Christian world. Of course, our Lord Jesus Christ is the focus of our spiritual race, to whom we must look to and to whose Word (The Bible), should we rely on for any situation of our life. But as young people, we tend to find Christ even in his followers and disciples. Like Paul, we need young people to stand up and say – Follow me as I follow Christ. So, to cater to this, we as young warriors of Christ, let us not wait for someone to become a role model but let us become one!

Secondly, the present youth and their ideas and voice need to be encouraged in the church and also in the society. Again being a role model, one can voice the same in the church and in the society. Let us again not wait for others, but let us be an encourager!

Thirdly, yet the foremost is the knowledge of the person Christ, with which ALONE can one lead a healthy and faithful Christian life.

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  1. Sep 11, 2014

    Thanks very much for this post.
    I could not attend the meet even though i wanted to, but this post gave me what i needed.
    Hoping to apply it in practical life.
    God Bless.

  2. Sep 12, 2014

    Thank you Ps.Jemy. Disciplining ourselves is best way to manage the time.

    • Sep 26, 2015

      That’s true Subin. I hope you have been blessed.


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