Ekklesia 2015: Where Love Remained Undefeated

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Ekklesia 2015: Where Love Remained Undefeated

That the young men and women of God were entering a time of warfare was clear the day before Ekklesia 2015 began. It was the morning after Christmas day, when a few young men were on their way to the camp-site to make some logistical arrangements, when the enemy tried to attack us. On a busy highway, the bike that was carrying two members of Team Ekklesia 2015 skidded off the road due to some miniscule plastic particles on the road, causing the youngsters to not just fall but to be swept across, a good eight to ten metres! The accident caused serious burns and injuries to both young men, but they knew they were guarded by the divine protection of our God Almighty, for behind them was a trailer that stopped just a couple of metres away from the fallen bike. That one of the two youngsters was the head of Team Ekklesia was proof enough that the devil was scared of what God is going to accomplish through Camp Ekklesia 2015.

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Like in all the events organized by Rebuilders, Ekklesia 2015 had already seen a lot of investment in prayer. Prophetic word from the Lord was hovering over the camp on many aspects, and no enemy’s ploy was going to stop that. With ‘Love Undefeated’ as the theme, we were not going to experience defeat! Yes, we had a few bruises on our bodies, but our spirit-man was stronger than ever before, for with renewed faith and much prayer, we approached the evening of 27 December 2015, the evening Ekklesia began. Apart from Mumbai, the Believer’s Church in Panvel also saw youngsters from Ahmednagar, Pune, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab hungry for His presence.

Pastor Johnsy John’s inaugural message was a perfect starter for what was going to be a heavy and satisfying course of spiritual meal prepared by our Lord Jesus. Later, as the ball of fire came and lit the campfire, joy in the presence of God can be seen in the faces of youngsters who sang and glorified God under the moon-lit starry sky.

One of our guest speakers from Coimbatore, Evangelist Mathew Chacko’s insightful sessions guided the youngsters on how we can live to be Christ-like. With real-life examples and interesting presentations, God enabled Evg Mathew Chacko to stress on the importance of growing in the Lord and expressing them by developing our personalities in a very practical way that the campers could use. A time of studying from the Word of God forming teams and through informative literature was such that the campers could reflect on themselves while in their walk with God.

These practical lessons were further strengthened through Group Discussions on ‘Relationship with God and Man’ by Team Rebuilders and Workshops ranging from ‘Worship, Evangelism, Music in Worship, Christian Leadership, Photography, Managing Sound and Decision Making’ by Spirit-led resource persons,  during the afternoon sessions on 28th and 29th of December. Campers also enjoyed a good time of team-work and fellowship as the games and the talent night brought out the best of their abilities. If their bodies were tired, it did not stop them from attending the devotions in the mornings which further enriched them in the Word of God by deep-diving into the Scriptures!

Evangelist Arun GP from Bangalore, our other guest speaker, was led powerfully by the Holy Spirit in his sessions, as he ministered with the Word, and through prophecies. One among his topics, the identity we have in Christ, spoke especially to the daughters of God, about how their level of intimacy with God is going to change and about the plans God has for them in their personal, spiritual and ministerial realms. He concluded the camp with a session reminding the campers what happens in the camp should not end in the camp, but is to be carried out into their churches, families, workplaces and academia.

As the in-house worship team led Ekklesians into a time of joyful praise and intimate worship, reservations, if any, were being broken and an atmosphere of glory filled the Believer’s Church hall. Our guest worship leader, Nickson Goves from Bangalore guided the delegates in love-filled worship to the Lover of our souls – Jesus. The Holy Spirit was in total control, as it was a worship that showed what it meant to be lost in Jesus, and to be engulfed by His presence.

A mixture of such intense time of worship followed by powerful revelations of word meant that prophecies began to be unraveled and bondages were being broken. This went to another level as the Tarrying Session opened up a whole new level of spiritual gifts being unpacked and distributed by the Holy Spirit to a good part of the crowd. Many received the gift of tongues, many were touched and healed of their bodily infirmities. Diseases that had troubled some for years were healed! We were on a victory march in Jesus Name!

All of these were confirmed during the time of testimony in the final session of Camp Ekklesia as one after the other, many poured their hearts out about the impact that God had through the camp on their lives. While we have the numbers of those who received the gift of tongues and bodily healings, we could not count the number of those who received spiritual and emotional healings, for almost the whole of Ekklesia stood up in unison! What the enemy had tried to steal – love, joy, peace, etc. – the army of God had regained. The enemy was defeated. Again!

What gladdened our hearts was not just these numbers, but the testimonies we received after the camp was over. For there were reports of people deciding to take water baptisms, and being on fire for the Lord in their churches! At the end of the day, Ekklesia does not happen so we can have a short burst of spiritual excitement. It is organized with the vision to see a wave of revival flowing across this land, starting with our own selves first, then going on into our families, churches and lands. And it SHALL come to pass, for Love remains Undefeated! It always will be!

To God, and God alone be the glory!

For Photographs of Ekklesia 2015, click this FB link.
To check out a video of a photo collage, click here.


  1. Feb 19, 2016

    Praise God! We have got a Faithful Dad!

  2. Feb 20, 2016

    Truly an memorable camp altogether!

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