Ekklesia 2016: Into a realm of deeper relationship with Jesus!

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Ekklesia 2016: Into a realm of deeper relationship with Jesus!

Barring some members of the Rebuilders family, not many knew this – but we faced a situation, wherein, despite blocking the camp location from the 26th-29th December, we could have lost it due to some unforeseen circumstances. With the location already announced in the run up to Ekklesia 2016, the team decided to pray. The team did not even think of a ‘Plan B’, for despite the nervousness, there was a strong belief that God will intervene on our behalf. And He did. His way! On 26th of December 2016, we were all flocking together at the Animation & Renewal Centre in Panvel, for what would be four days of absolute invasion of the Holy Spirit.

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It was evident from that very first evening that the Holy Spirit was going to do something massive as the camp progressed. And that hope wasn’t a false one! For even as we were all given schedules printed within the notepads, our Lord had His own schedule going – none of which, creating any sort of undue disturbances in the minds of the organizers! The introductory and interactive video with torches set up the tone as many felt Father God hugging them with His presence as a conviction grew around the hall that they were indeed all children of the Most High!

There could not have been a higher note to begin Camp Ekklesia 2016 than the sight of new additions to God’s family. The theme ‘Once Lost Now Found’ was coming well and truly alive on the night of Day One itself! When we saw five young men standing up to receive Jesus as their Lord & Saviour on a session that went well past in the night, every cobweb of doubt cleared as the Spirit moved in His own special way. We had five new entrants into the Kingdom of God, which by the end of the camp had increased to seven!

What followed in the next three days was a continuous outpouring of the Word and the Spirit, torching and touching hearts and lives. Dr. Rajkumar, whom we all refer to as the Google/Wikipedia of the Word of God, simplified the secrets from the Word to the young hearts. The Word was delivered in its purest form, as it should be, as Dr. Rajkumar used his personal testimonies and the verses that the Holy Spirit gave him as and when needed! It was not the knowledge that this man possessed about the Word that made us praise God, but the way He used that gift of the Spirit to encourage the youngsters to be closer to God and increase their faith. Sessions by Dr. Rajkumar over the next two days were testimonies on how the Word of God is alive and active, and to complete that verse from Hebrews, it showed us that it is sharper than any double-edged sword. When the young ones responded to the teachings from the Word, we knew it was penetrating even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it was judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 was coming alive!

Pastor Vijay Belola, our other guest speaker, brought in a ‘heavens down’ experience as God used this man of God powerfully to deliver His messages in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. There were deliverances taking place all across the auditorium as tears flowed from the eyes of young men and women. They were tears of joy, tears of repentance, tears from experiencing the presence of our Lord, and tears that acknowledged the love of the Father to His children! Many could not just handle the love that the Father was pouring out, as was evident from the sight of young ones going on their knees, and some even face down to acknowledge the glory of God! Pastor Vijay preached with some serious unction of the Holy Spirit that flowed deep into the cells of every delegate, making them aware how beautiful it was to be soaked in the presence of God. There was an awakening within almost every soul that sat inside the auditorium – something that we pray and believe they will carry back with them wherever the Lord leads them.

Bro. Nickson Goves led us all into a time of intimate worship, which when coupled with his testimony transformed us into a realm of such intimacy with our Lord that we cannot find anywhere else in this world. The Rebuilders Worship Team, leading the co-worshipping delegates, brought in a time of joy in the House of the Lord, as many danced and rejoiced for the King was present in the room! Indeed if this was just a sample of what heaven would be like, we probably cannot even imagine how it will be for real!

The ‘Tarrying Session’ being led by Pastor Santhosh Varghese was a breakthrough for many who hungered and thirsted for the gifts of the Spirit. Approximately ten received the baptism of the Holy Spirit being manifested by speaking in tongues. There were a whole bunch of others who experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit, bringing healing to their troubled and depressed souls.

There were, of course, fun and games as well – as campers divided into teams battled it out in some team-games & skits. Every team also came up with some creative names for their teams – Makarios and Elkan to name just two of many. These teams were also involved in a group devotion and discussion, based on Luke Chapter 15. Not surprisingly, these times that were spent together made for a special Godly bonding and fellowship, also leading to an effective time of personal ministering to many. A separate ‘Open House’ session for girls and boys proved to be God-sent as many doubts regarding relationships touching various spheres were cleared by the Godly guidance to Sis. Virginia Belola & Sis. Lincy Santhosh for girls, and Dr. Rajkumar & Pastor Jemy Jacob for the boys.

And just like that, it was the 29th of December 2016. By 6 PM, there were good-byes, hugs and selfies all around. There were some sad faces for the camp had ended, but those were mixed with the joy of entering into a new realm of deeper relationship with God. Camp Ekklesia 2016 was truly life-changing for most of us. There were breakthroughs all around. The demon-possessed were delivered. Addictions were broken. Illnesses were healed. Broken hearts were mended. Relationships were restored. Revival was breaking out. And we believe, this revival is here to stay. In Jesus Name! Amen!

Wanna check out some photographs from Camp Ekklesia 2016. Click this link and check out our Ekklesia 2016 album on our FB page.

Some Feedback from Campers:
“I loved being drenched in Lord’s presence. Knowing Lord my father through songs, worship, Word has made me come more and more closer to him and I pray to Lord to build the hunger of having him in my life every moment of my life. My role here is to cascade this feeling to my friends and family!”

“I could literally feel His presence. Ekklesia was one of the best things that happened in 2016 for me.”

“It helped me to get soaked in Daddy’s Love!”

“Came more closer to God and I am inspired to be closer to Him always!”

“It was awesome to have a closer relationship with God; I never experienced such kind of joy.”


  1. Jan 30, 2017

    It was an amazing experience in the camp.. I could feel my fathers presence all over there. Actually it changed me completely.. I feel now that I am totally changed and I am a new person NW.. I am so happy to b a part of this camp..And to b honest.. u ppl organised it so well . I am now waiting for Eklessia 2017.. and also god bless you all.. Amen…

    • Dec 20, 2017

      Hope you have registered for Ekklesia 2017

  2. Jul 12, 2017

    After Reading this my heart says dont miss 2017 Ekklesia Meeting.

    • Dec 20, 2017

      Hope you have registered.

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