Mission Nasik: His ways are higher than ours – Day 1

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Mission Nasik: His ways are higher than ours – Day 1

We plan. We prepare. But it is God who directs our steps. We had experienced this truth time and again. Probably due to our past experiences, or just plain readiness to accept the unknown, we were ready for surprises from the Lord.

And God did not disappoint. He had a few surprises in-store for us at the latest Mission Trip organized by Team Rebuilders. A team of 32 missionaries set foot in Nasik from Mumbai on the 30th of October 2015.

With hearts burdened but bags light we reached Nasik VTC (Vocational Training Center) early in the morning at 9 AM on the 30th October 2015. Soaking ourselves in prayers, we headed to our first village knowing fully well that we were going to experience His abundant grace.


Team Rebuilders’ pet ‘shout-out attention anthem’ “Aika Aika Aika” made a comeback as the missionaries in Nasik would go around the village in groups of threes (with two brothers and one sister every group) distributing tracts and announcing about the open-air programme about to take-off nearby.  After a while, we were back at a common spot near an ATM machine where heaven’s wealth was kept ready to be withdrawn. Witnessed by a big crowd, the praise and worship team took the lead with praises declaring Yeshua and choreography that complimented them. A skit laying down the change brought about by God’s presence in a person’s life, followed by sharing the gospel would touch many who were witnessing the young champions. As many hearts began to respond to the prodding of the Holy Spirit, many young children came forward to accept Jesus.

Satisfying our physical hunger with tummy-filling lunch, we moved ahead to the next spot, near a school in the same village, knowing fully well that God had already started moving, as many with spiritual thirst and hunger had to be filled!

Same strategy as in the previous spot was followed, as we began by distributing tracts, followed by praise and worship, skit and sharing of the life-giving Word in a common area. This time, God would bring in a lot of youngsters and students as our audience. All of them attentively listening and seeing all that the missionaries were doing – some responding to the inner tug of their heart by the Holy Spirit.

About eight kilometers away, God had prepared two spots in the next village for us  – one next to a local shop, where we would be offering what was free to all mankind courtesy the blood of Jesus – Salvation! Another near a local believer’s house and we knew it was God-ordained when pairs of little inquisitive eyes was paying close attention to the action songs and soon, even joining us with their little feet hopping and dancing for the Lord. Children delightfully responded to a skit showed by our sisters about a little kid who had a change of heart. If the smiles on their faces were to start telling a story, it would continue on till eternity!

Another addition to this spot’s evangelization techniques was the projection of two Christian movies. Many of us got the opportunity to minister to some of the local villagers who were receptive to the call of God as Day one drew to an exciting close – a day breathed by His Love and Hope. The soldiers would go to sleep knowing their work for Mission Nasik was only half done, for the next day had new frontiers to be conquered for Christ!

Part 2 of this blog will be uploaded shortly. Watch this space for more. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some photographs of Mission Nasik by liking our Facebook page.

You can also enjoy a short video capturing the moments of Mission Nasik through photographs.

Report Compiled & Prepared by:

  • Jemy Jacob, Team Rebuilders
  • Binoy Thomas, Team Mission Heads
  • Ruby Jeypaul, Team Mission Nasik
  • Nigil D’Souza, Team Mission Nasik
  • Gayatri Rane, Team Mission Nasik

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  1. Nov 20, 2015

    Good Work. Its a joy to see His Good News being spread at every opportunity. May the good Lord open more such doors.


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