Mission Nasik: His ways are higher than ours – Day 2

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Mission Nasik: His ways are higher than ours – Day 2

With the excitement of what God had done the previous day, and what He was about to do on day two, the soldiers were up and ready for battle. Before moving on to our first mission village, some of us would pray over our host pastor and his family and relatives at their home.

The next village gave us a glimpse of God’s beautiful creation with greenery and small huts surrounding us, coupled with cattle and goats in their sheds lending a perfect background score as we went about distributing tracts and inviting people for our little ‘programme’ near the village sit-out junction. Megaphone ensured our voices were heard loud and clear as we sang praises to the King of kings. It was clear that the skit and the gospel had touched a few souls, as some seniors in the village who were watching the event, insisted that we partake in their hospitality in a cup of tea.


And while some of us sipped on some refreshing cup of tea, the sisters interacted, ministered unto the children with some action songs. We also had the opportunity to pray over some little ones as their hearts were filled with the joy of the Lord. In fact, so joy-filled were the villagers that they wanted the team to visit the village again soon.

Not too far away from the first spot in the village was our second mission spot for the day. The afternoon sun could not deter the missionaries as they shouted on top of their lungs to pull people out of their houses to come and watch us praise Jesus, perform skit and hear the gospel being shared. As the children lined up at a sit-out area, the sisters once again performed a special skit with a ‘Heart’ as a prop making them understand what it is to give their little hearts to Jesus!

While we faced certain discouraging voices that had the chances of taking our minds off from the ongoing mission, it didn’t deter the soldiers from praying over the little children planting seeds of the gospel in their hearts.

As we enjoyed the home-made lunch prepared at a spot that was initially planned for our evening meeting, God was changing our schedule and plans. As guided by the Spirit of God, we changed our agenda and re-arranged the events. As the people staying nearby gathered under the tree next the frontyard of the house, also at what can be termed as the ‘Shade of God’ spot, HE helped us to glorify His name with songs, skit and an encouraging word.

Momentary discouragements were pushing us back from hosting any further events in that village. But for GOD! He had something better in store. As our lunch was being digested, God was preparing a dessert for us at the top of a hill. The missionaries walked through fields, mini-trekked a hill to reach a small hut, which was a prayer house where we all sat down to pray and worship the Lord. As our bodies cramped inside the small prayer hut, hearts cried out for more of Jesus in the city of Nasik. Many visions were being born and promises were sealed. We knew that God was going to change Nasik as we blessed the pastor, his family and his team and proclaimed the promises of God standing on the top of the mountain which overlooked the hills and the fields ready for harvest.

By night, we reached back to our host church in the city, where we experiences were shared for each other’s encouragement and upliftment. The Holy Spirit made His presence felt once again through Worship and the Word – this time though for the missionaries themselves. First-timers and experienced ones alike – each and everyone had a story to tell. Each had an experience to not just remember, but revive their hearts.

Thirty-two returned back home to Mumbai – most to testify the work of the Lord to their home churches, and almost everyone knowing fully well that they are a generation of Apostles whose ‘Acts’ will continue under the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

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Meanwhile, you can enjoy some photographs of Mission Nasik by liking our Facebook page.

You can also enjoy a short video capturing the moments of Mission Nasik through photographs.

Report Compiled & Prepared by:

  • Jemy Jacob, Team Rebuilders
  • Binoy Thomas, Team Mission Heads
  • Ruby Jeypaul, Team Mission Nasik
  • Nigil D’Souza, Team Mission Nasik
  • Gayatri Rane, Team Mission Nasik

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