Ten things Mission Nasik taught me

Posted by in Encouragements on Oct 25, 2016

Ten things Mission Nasik taught me

As we prayerfully plan and work towards another missionary trip – this time towards Madhya Pradesh, here is what I learnt from our Mission Nasik that was held late last year. Read on and be blessed:

  1. It’s not about how many events you do, it’s about hearing His voice

We had a pre-planned agenda for visiting and ministering the places, but we had to prepone, postpone, cancel, re-program, etc.  at a few places heeding to His voice. At the end, we could say that it doesn’t matter how many events you do, but it is important to listen to His voice and walk on it. Blessed is the man who fears that Lord and walketh in His ways!

  1. Responsibilities must be handed over with details

An important thing learnt from Mission Nashik is to provide details of the responsibility which are handed over to someone, otherwise you will end up with a stamp without a stamp pad.

  1. Prayer is the backbone of every ministry

Without prayer, nothing is possible. When we were at some places, which (we thought) were giving hindrance to the work of God, we joined our hearts and prayed with one mind and we could see the plan of God unfolding, by confirmation in receiving calls for prayer from those locations as well as a level of raise to the mountains, where the Master had bigger stored for us.

  1. No place on the earth is new for the Lord, although it may be for us

Some of the places that we had been were new places and we felt tough in our inner minds about the approach/strategy in the unreached places, but we realized later that, these places already were hungry for God and at some places; the local people encouraged us to be bold enough to take HIS NAME on our lips! Truly, God has chosen a remnant everywhere to serve Him.


  1. When man forsakes, God ordains

We had an instance where an official dropped in the middle of a session and cautioned us about the situation in the village and to an extent, rejected our request of conducting the evening session. But the truth is that, God had ordained the best of the mission trip for us, which could get attention, when there was rejection by men.

  1. Music and melody can reach where voice is unheard

We had a few instances where some people used to gather around listening to the music and melody of the songs. Most of the people stayed back even when the songs were over, yet the melody and even the choreography brought the attention of the people. The skit could capture the attention of the onlookers more than expectation and could allow the preacher to connect easily with the message of the word.

  1. Sometimes, our lifestyle speaks louder than our ministry

When we don’t really minister, we are usually moving around inviting people, either personally, or through a megaphone. While on that invitation ‘walk’, it is very essential to check our own attitude and words, for every little action and every small word spoken can go against us. It is not just during the time of ministry, but even ‘before & after’ where our lifestyle/attitude can & will hold key to attract people to the Lord.

  1. One of the best place that the Lord loves is mountain top

Lord Jesus, during His days of ministry on the earth, spent much of His time on the mountain top. We also got a privilege to peek into an iota of it. Being on the mountain top, we could experience the beauty of God’s creation in the sky as well as by sharing in the crops grown by God’s children on the mountains: groundnuts, tomatoes, etc. So we have to keep mountain top visits in our future agendas!

  1. Jesus showed up His glory on the mountain top

We have read about the transfiguration on the mount, but we could experience the glorious presence of God on the mountain top. Even in a small hut on the top of that hill, as we worshipped our Yahweh, we felt His glorious presence covering us! If we decide to spend intimate time with Him, expect His Shekinah to envelope us!

  1. If you are readily available, He can use you

One of the places that we had invited the people in the afternoon was next to a school, where the students were giving their exams. We were in a situation wherein, being lunch time, after the event we had to quickly move to the next location, whereas, due to exams, we were being asked to do the event after the exams. The only alternative for the 25 missionaries was to finish lunch in 15mins and be back at the spot to do the event. With God’s grace, we were ready to take that challenge and we were available to reach out to many young hearts that heard the word and were blessed.

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