Hosting God Together


Want to join us for some exciting events we do round-the-year? Check out how we spread out the love of God and rebuild the Walls through these events:

Youth Camps

About 3-4 days of extravaganza where youngsters stay away from their homes and spend their time with the Word, Group Discussions, Games, intimate Praise & Worship & many more. We believe these camps give our youth a chance to disassociate themselves from the world, albeit for a couple of days, and come near the throne of grace to rebuild their lives. We call this ‘Camp Ekklesia.’ Read more about Ekklesia here.

Mission Trips

Inspired by the young missionaries who left their home countries/villages, coming out of their comfort zones, sacrificing their jobs, comfortable lifestyles to come to India to spread the message of the Cross and Resurrection, we organize and go for Mission Trips to villages across Maharashtra. Armed with a passion to fulfill the Great Commission, youngsters from different churches join together under one banner – the banner of Christ, to spread the gospel to the unreached. God-willing, in the coming days, we plan to carry the Love of God to other parts of India as well.

Leadership Camps

Moses passed the baton to Joshua. Paul passed his to Timothy. We realise the importance of passing the baton to a generation that follows us to continue the movement that the Lord has begun among us. We identify prospective youth leaders who can create an impact in the generation that they live in, as also be an influence for the next one. A 2-3 days of Leadership Camp is organised, usually on the outskirts of Mumbai, to mentor, equip and challenge the next generation of firebrands to explode for His Kingdom. Bible Studies and Classes, Workshops, Open-Discussions, etc. constitute these camp that we have titled – Camp Timothy. 

Panel Discussions

Often, young people are not able to freely discuss some of the core issues they face within their families or churches. Through an open discussion forum like ‘You v/s You’, we provide them the opportunity to interact freely with our panelists, who have in the past faced scenarios in life that was similar to what the youngsters today face (or are about to face!). We don’t claim to have the answers to everything, but through our experiences of the past and using the Word as our only reference point, we try and explain and make sense of situations that these young men and women face. You vs You panel discussions are held across Mumbai once every 3-4 months and each would have some themes based on an inner conflict (hence the name ‘You vs You’) that we undergo in our life. Open discussions and finding solutions are another way that helps the current generation in their Rebuilding process.

Check out more about our latest Panel Discussion here: You vs You 4.0

Seminars, Concerts and Conferences

Rebuilders, being a multi-denominational group, has helped various ministries and churches in organizing seminars, concerts and conferences. For us, success of every Word-based, Holy-Spirit inspired event, regardless of the banner that organizes them, is a must, and we thrive to give our best by co-hosting/organizing, volunteering and participating in such seminars, concerts and conferences. If the Lord leads us, we will be hosting events like these in the future.

Regular Fellowships & Casual meets

Rebuilders is not just about big events. What keeps this group going is the regular fellowships we have all across Mumbai. We share the Word, Worship together, discuss, and Yes, Have fun too! Most of us are big Cricket fans, while some do love a game of football till it tires the last bit of sweat out of them. And many are wanna-be photographers. So, we go out for treks, one -day road-trips, play sports, etc to ensure that the spirit of camaraderie remains intact in all of us, all the while maintaining an atmosphere of holiness and purity. No compromises there!

Note: The frequent mention of ‘We’ above is a deliberate attempt to encourage you to join us and be a part of the Rebuilding Movement. No! You do not have to leave your current ministry/church/group. As mentioned in the ‘About us’ section, we are a multi-denominational group that has no real banner, but the banner of Christ that leads us. We are a part of every group that is Spirit-led, and God-breathed.